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Sunset of Marine City


In the last years we’ve been focusing on serving the following industries:

  • Cruise line

  • Maritime (sea ports, ship & crew management, sea cargo, offshore oil & gas)

  • Healthcare (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, psychiatric facilities and nursing/elderly homes).

Cruise line industry

Worldwide, the cruise industry sees around 30 million passengers a year. Cruises are by far the most popular among Americans, followed by Germans and Brazilians.


A cruise ship can be compared to an entire city that moves merrily from one place to another. Keeping such a superstructure in operation is hard work and requires a high level of dedication from special employees. This industry requires people who can handle being away from their loved ones for long periods at a time. People who can work harder than many others - 7 days a week and all the time with a smile on their face.


We have made it our business to find these people. Those who have that certain je ne sais quoi for the high seas. We can assist cruise lines with the recruitment for the following positions:


  • Ship Doctors

  • Ship Nurses


  • Paramedics

  • Medical Assistant

  • Lab Technicians

  • Engineers

We offer two types of support. Full-time recruitment and temporary staffing/ locum. Please reach out to us also if you hae other inquiries such as testing or vaccinations.

Maritime industries

We separate cruise lines from the rest of the maritime industry in our services, so we can distinguish our services more clearly.


Apart from the rest we also support the most important sectors of the maritime industry. These include maritime shipping/sea cargo, sea ports, ship & crew management, shipbuilding, shipbuilding supply industry, marine engineering, offshore wind energy/ oil & gas and maritime research and development.


We recruit for officers, crew for deck, engine and can assist with the following positions among others:


  • Deck Positions:

    • Masters

    • Mates

    • Chief Officers

    • Cadets

    • and more


  • Engineering Positions:

    • Chief Engineer

    • Senior Engineers

    • Junior Engineers

    • and more


We can support you in full-time recruitment, but also with temporary staffing/ locum services. Just contact us and we will arrange an appointment. After we fully understand your requirements, our team will get to work.

Healthcare industry

We’ve been helping our clients in the healthcare sector for some time now and are very proud to have contributed to fight COVID-19 pandemic. We predominantly serve clients in the field of hospitals, clinics, laboratories, psychiatric facilities and nursing/elderly home. 


We recruit: 


  • Doctors - all specialties 

  • Nurses - all specialties 

  • Psychologists

  • Psychiatrists 

  • Care takers

  • Travel Nurses


Regionally, there are no limitations for us. We make sure that the candidate has all the qualifications to work for you. 


Add-on services include support with sourcing of medical equipment and supplies such as PPE.

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