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Our Services

Recruitment & Temporary Staffing
COVID-19 Testing 
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1. Recruiting

One of our main focus and services is providing recruiting services for the cruise line, maritime and healthcare industries. We serve our clients globally by offering full time recruiting and temporary staffing (locum) services.

We can support you to recruit:


  • Medical staff (general and specialized doctors, nurses, travelling nurses, paramedics, ICOs, IDPOs, PHOs, medical assistants, and other specialists on request)

  • (Health)care, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other specialists on request)

  • Engineers

  • Maritime specific engineers/ technicians

Full-time recruiting services maritime

1a. Full-time recruiting services

We have extensive experience in providing full-time recruiting services for global clients. Our offering ranges from full end-to-end recruiting to just providing specific parts of the process (e.g., provide qualified and interviewed candidates according to the JD).


We use a wide range of channels to attract the right candidates, a sophisticated and refined screening process that includes background checks and a focused interview process that not only covers the professional qualification but also takes into account the personality, motivation and team player ability. We attract, screen, interview and find you the most suitable candidates.


Our dedicated recruiting team has extensive experience in recruiting and has worked on the agency and client side. So we understand what our clients require. The team is located in various regions so we can bring local expertise to the table.


Our add-on services include support with licenses, visas, travel and housing for the candidates. We also offer candidate management services such as payroll, HR and administration.


Full-Time recruitment services are available for all organizations and industries.

1b. Temporary staffing / locum

Another major part of our recruiting services is recruiting for temporary positions. We support companies in various industries with their short-term temporary staffing needs. Whether it's maternity leave for a permanent employee, a project that requires employees for a certain period of time or you require outside expertise for a short period. We can provide them fast and all around the world.


Duration of the staffing services are starting from 1 day and go usually up to 8-9 months. Occasions include one-time, periodic, project based or longer periods.


Tell us exactly what you're looking for in a candidate, how long you need them, what experience and work experience they need. And then we go find them for you.

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Temporary staffing / locum

We've managed to find doctors and nurses within a few hours and send them to various locations around the world. Talk to us to learn more about our temporary staff solutions. We have an exceptional pool of candidates of medical staff for hospitals, labs and maritime industry ready to be deployed in every corner of the world.


Doctors and nurses are one of our top specialties and, with temporary staff, we support not only cruise lines, but also hospitals, care centers, retirement homes, and psychiatric facilities.


Our strengths are speed, quality and customer service. Everything globally. We will provide candidates that meet and exceed your requirements.


With us, you have a team that takes care of your needs, day and night from various locations around the world. Locum Staffing is becoming increasingly important and many talented candidates today prefer working flexibly. It offers advantages and flexibility for companies and for applicants. 

2. End-to-end COVID-19 testing

Like laboratory services, we can also offer Covid-19 testing globally, also in cooperation with laboratories around the world so that the certificates match the corresponding country. We carry out PCR and antigen tests.


We can provide an end-to-end COVID-19 testing service, meaning us taking care of the entire process (provide equipment, PPE and other supplies, teams and medical staff, plan, organize and carry out the testing, reporting with required certificates) or partial elements - whatever you require. Our services are offered globally. We test from a handful of people to thousands of people in a very short time. We are very flexible and our teams are adapted as needed. Talk to us if you need testing or even vaccination for employees. We have special task force testing teams that are available globally and can be on site within hours.

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We have been able to provide this service in various difficult situations over the last two years and were able to help the cruise industry in particular with our staff and our network. We organized and conducted COVID-19 testing in all European hubs, French Polynesia, USA, Canada, Panama, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Singapore, Sydney and more.

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3. Worldwide lab services

Our laboratory services are particularly interesting for the maritime, cruiseline, airline, oil & gas (offshore and onshore), manufacturing and events industries. We are connected to various laboratories around the world and work with them closely to provide services you require.

Especially when ships are in remote parts of the world and need spontaneous test analysis, we can help you. We are already connected to over 60 laboratories worldwide and have in-house laboratory technicians who can also help on site with the testing or collecting of the subject to be tested.


In numerous instances, a cooperation with a domestic laboratory is needed to fulfill country specific requirements. With us, you can get access to a wide network of labs around the world instantaneously. You save time, don’t need to worry about logistics and can outsource all non-core activities to us reliably.


4. Procurement

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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